Bach Floral Therapy for Children

Childhood is an important moment in the life of every human being, where we build aspects of our personality, our tastes, fears and, despite being a stage full of games and joy, some unexpected situations at this time can result in changes in behaviour, which can cause suffering for our little ones.

Did you know that Bach Flower Therapy can help your child a lot with issues that can make him or her suffer?

Bach's Floral Remedy, composed of 38 vibrational essences, is a subtle self-healing system, totally natural and non-invasive, without contraindications, and which brings energy balance, harmonising

our physical, mental and emotional bodies.

Whether as a complementary treatment to a psychological or psychiatric treatment, or as a tool to balance your emotions and improve your quality of life, Floral Therapy can be a great ally to deal with difficult issues such as ADHD (Attention Deficit Disorder with Hyperactivity), jealousy, fear, shyness, trauma, irritability, aggression, stress, agitation, weaning, low self-esteem and difficulty sleeping, among others.

It can be used from a child's first months of life, throughout childhood, and also into adolescence, another challenging and complex phase in the lives of children who begin the transition to adulthood and are full of hormonal changes, doubts and questions.

Because children do not have as many beliefs, filters and less resistance, the result of the Floral treatment can be noticed more quickly and very effectively!

It is noteworthy that the result of the treatment is more effective when considering the mother-child binomial, as the children, for the most part, reflect in their emotions the surroundings, the environment where they live and the relationship with their parents. Often, taking care of the mother or father, you will see an improvement in the child as well.

Let's now give some examples of the most common situations, from this stage of life, in which flower essences help effectively:

Teething: Rescue diluted in water, juice or milk will bring well being to the baby, decreasing his irritability. You can also make a compress and massage your gums. Rescue Kids can be used, which uses glycerin as a preservative.

Difficulty, restlessness at bedtime: Rescue / Rescue kids: 4 drops straight into the mouth, in the bottle or dripping into the bath water at the baby's bath time. Another way to use it is putting a few drops of floral on the wrists, behind the ears and temples of the child / baby.

Irritability / Impatience: Impatiens is the floral one that will bring patience and a wave of calm and tranquility.

Weaning / separation from the mother / returning from the mother to work / to give up the pacifier: Floral Chicory will help with separation in a natural way.

Difficulty in adapting to new phases of life / moving house / school: Floral Walnut helps to adapt to changes more easily.

These are just some of the most frequent situations and complaints I deal with, but there are still many other situations that Florals Remedies can help.

It is important to remember that Floral Therapy does not replace any type of medical treatment, it works in a complementary way. You can use Florals with any other type of medication or treatment.

If you notice that your child's behaviour has changed and/or you feel he needs help, please contact me (@corpusgratus) and make an appointment! Let's talk and with the help of Florals improve your child's quality of life!

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