Starting Over After Fifty

Updated: May 31

Talking about yourself isn’t an easy task, but I believe when we talk about ourselves people can have a connection with our history and it can be inspired and encouraged by our exemples to don’t repeat the same mistakes.

Starting over after fifty has been a bigger process of discoveries and challenges. We usually have enough experience in our career at this age, we have followed and have begun to reap the rewards of our work. The children are already on their way and you are already beginning to glimmer a more peaceful future.

But I chose the opposite, the most challenging path, to rediscover myself at 50. Also it’s at this age that our inner voice begins to question us about what is our mission in this life, what we are here for. And in my case, I still didn’t have that answer. I had that feeling that I wanted to do something, that was missing something in my life, but I didn't know exactly what. When I had my coach sessions and asked other people - What am I good at? What do I do well? - the answers were already there but I still couldn't see them, I wasn’t listening to my inner voice.

My soul already knew what filled me.

What makes me happy is to be able to help, listen, advise people, help them to reconnect with themselves and with their essence, so they can better deal with their emotions and pains. But I still needed to go through my own process, my awakening, getting to know myself better and accepting myself.

That process started when I returned to my Bach Flowers remedies’ studies and went through my own “Cure yourself” process. When I decided to look inside myself and let my essence speak, that was the moment I could reconnect with myself. That’s a path of no return. As we discover our purpose in life, what we came to do in this world, no matter at which age, everything starts to make sense and fit together. The paths open up, reveal themselves and you bloom. You find the courage to start over and to follow your dreams.

That's what I did. I founded Corpus Gratus in 2020 and since then the journey has not been easy. In addition to work with what I love, serving and helping people, I had to structure myself as a company, and with that, develop many new skills, new relationships, partnerships, make a business plan, learn to be more productive, prioritize and manage my time (I still have a lot to improve in this area), learn about digital marketing and be on social media and much more! It has been a great challenge, but at the same time, very rewarding! Believing that I am capable, breaking beliefs that limit me, exposing myself to situations that take me out of my comfort zone is worth a lot, and with the maturity of my 50’s it is a real rebirth.

But what drives me to do all this? It is my purpose, to know that with my work I can reach and help more and more people who need a hand, a path, so that they can handle their Soul pains better and be happier.

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