The Power of your Vibrational Energy

You are a field of living energy. Your body has energy-producing particles that are in constant motion. So, like everything and everyone in the universe, you are vibrating and creating energy and this is very powerful!

There are positive and negative vibrations, which can be generated from a certain feeling. The more positive feelings you have and vibrate, the more of that you will receive. The more negative feelings you vibrate, the more it reverts back to you.

It is important to emphasize that we are constantly subject to negative vibrations, which can be the result of having strong feelings like sadness, discouragement, anger and enviness. Other external factors can affect your vibration, such as close people that influence you negatively, and even a messy and dirty environment. Therefore, we have separated some tips that can positively change your energy vibration.

Music, like mantras, have great vibrational power!

When you're having a bad day, there's nothing better than listening to upbeat, happy music. Musical tones and cheerful lyrics will change or lift your mood and vibration.

When you watch sensational programs, violent movies, or devastating news, your brain considers it as reality and sends a signal to your body that reacts and changes frequency. Obviously we can watch movies of all genres, but in case you are feeling down and not well emotionally, we suggest you watch things that make you happy and make you smile! This, in addition to keeping your mood up, it will help you to vibrate on a higher frequency!

"Words have power". You probably have heard this saying before. Yes, paying attention to what we say is perhaps one of the biggest challenges. The habit of complaining, cursing, gossiping and talking bad stuff about others, is sometimes so natural in our speech, that unfortunately we don't notice. These words generate a negative vibration, therefore, it is necessary to deconstruct negative thoughts. Start small, try to spend a whole day without complaining about work, or talking about a neighbour, for example. You will see the difference.

Another good tip to keep your vibrational frequency positive, is the practice of gratitude. Incorporate this feeling into your life, start giving thanks for small ou big achievements, for the things your learn, for your friendships and for all the experiences you have

Been through. Gratitude opens doors for good things to flow into your life.

Don't forget, we are all vibrational beings!

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