What are Bach Flowers Remedies and what are they for?

Although Bach flowers remedies have been around for almost a hundred years, many people don’t know of the creation of Dr. Edward Bach. He was a British doctor, pathologist, bacteriologist, immunologist, graduate in public health and homeopath. It’s a healing system, which I’ll introduce to you a little more.

Bach, disenchanted with the traditional medicine way was being practiced, began researching new methods of healing. It was in 1930 that he assumed that the energetic essence of a flower is transferred to the dew, when the flower is exposed to the sun and that dew has healing properties. That was the inspiration that started the work and was carried out all over the world.

“And does it work?”

Where's the scientific evidence? Which studies prove the effectiveness?

People who work with Bach flowers remedies aren’t concerned with proving anything scientifically. It’s up to the consumer to choose, test, use and feel the results in himself.

However, several studies have already proven the effects.

“After intervention with flower essences and analysis of the results of the anxiety measurement instrument, there was a greater drop in anxiety scores in the experimental group when compared to the control group, confirming that the Bach flowers chosen in this study positively affected the decrease in anxiety. The tests showed a statistically significant difference between the two groups ”. Complete scientific study in Portuguese :


For Dr. Bach, the "lack of harmony" between the soul and the body is the cause of disease. Bach said about the disease "will never be cured by current materialistic methods, for the simple reason that the disease in the origin is not material, but is the result of the conflict between soul and mind and will never be eradicated except through mental and spiritual efforts. "

What do customers say? Many people try different treatments with traditional medicine and fail to evolve in their issues, whether they are trauma, anxiety, fear, depression or crises of age, for example.

This is the case of Ms. Rosa, 56, who reports her experience with flowers:

“I confess that I had my doubts about the effectiveness of the treatment, but I trusted the therapist who was recommending the flowers to me and decided to try something I had not yet done. I had been depressed for some years and felt increasingly weak. I took many medications (including hard drugs), but I always felt like I was sinking deeper and deeper. I felt that I needed to try something different, that was compatible and that could help with my treatment. I have been taking Bach Flowers remedies and meditation for just over a year. Soon I stopped my black label medicine and I feel like I'm a new woman. My advice for those who don't know is to give yourself the opportunity to try. It won't hurt you and the benefits will be realized, for sure ”

Even with this and many other cases of success with the use of remedies, it is important to note that remedies are not a substitute for medical care, but they can be a great ally in achieving a cure.

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