Who is your biggest enemy?

Humans look for guilt outside of themselves for any problem.

If we're right, it's our credit, but if we're wrong, it's certainly someone else's fault. We blame the other for something that didn't go right, for something we did wrong or even when something negative occurs in our lives.

Many of us believe that the other person is almost always the one to blame.

If you have identified with these thoughts, perhaps it's time to reflect and assume some of your responsibilities.

Our biggest enemy is usually ourselves. It's much easier to accuse others, than accepting our weaknesses, defects and imperfections. Our pride often prevents us from looking at ourselves, our attitudes, what we are not doing and what we could improve.

It is not a simple task to look inside and admit your mistakes, but it is possible. Self-responsibility and awareness is a powerful key. Only when we accept where we are and what we are going through that integration can take place.

To walk through this journey of self-responsibility, be aware of certain habits that can hinder the process, such as victimizing yourself, making excuses and self sabotage.

Remember, the best way to deal with our enemies is to face them head-on and become aware of them. Don't be afraid to make mistakes, accept that failure is part of life and that the solution is within us.

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